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Government Past Questions

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Power differs from influence in that it is

  • A. persuasive while influence is directive
  • B. coercive while influence is harmful
  • C. coercive while influence is persuasive
  • D. arrogant while influence is corruptive
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The standing committee of a legislature is one

  • A. whose member stand while delibrating
  • B. that has statutory responsibities
  • C. that perform adhoc functions
  • D. that has legislators as members.
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Where the constitution is supreme,unconstitutional acts of the executive and the the legislature can be checked by the courts through
  • A. recall
  • B. judicial review
  • C. vote of no confidence
  • D. impeachment.
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The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of

  • A. technocrats appointed by the units
  • B. politicians elected from the confederal constituencies
  • C. politicians nominated by the government of member states
  • D. representatives of pressure groups.
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Which of the following is true of a parliamentary system of government?
  • A. clear seperation of government organs.
  • B. strict operation of bicameral legislature.
  • C. removal of government by impeachment.
  • D. adherence to majority rule.
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