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Computer Studies Past Questions

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The first calculator was built by?

  • A. Marie Jacquad
  • B. Balise Pascal
  • C. Charles Babbage
  • D. John Napier
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A similarity between data and information is that both?

  • A. can be displayed on the monitor
  • B. are computer inputs
  • C. are processed facts
  • D. are computer results
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The computer hardware can be classified into

  • A. ALU and Control Unit
  • B. System Unit and Peripheral
  • C. Central Processing Unit and Control Unit
  • D. Input and Output Units
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The outcome of a processed data in a computer is known as

  • A. raw fact
  • B. Information
  • C. database
  • D. computer result
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Which of the following devices is not a micro computer?

  • A. Note book
  • B. Laptop
  • C. EDVAC
  • D. Desktop
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