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Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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‘By Him who dominates my soul I swear
that you are the Prophet of this nation …
you will be abused and you will be
persecuted. If I should ever live to see that
day, I shall surely help the cause of Allāh’.

Who made the statement above?
  • A. Muhammaed Husayn Haikai
  • B. Waraqah b. Nawfal
  • C. ‘Abdul Muttalib
  • D. Abbās b. Mirdas
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The verse above means that divorce may be pronounced twice and then the woman must
  • A. go after the third time
  • B. be retained in honour or allowed to go with kindness
  • C. forfeit her wealth and go with kindness
  • D. be retained in honour unless she has no children
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The ninth year of hijrah is known as the
year of
  • A. Deputation
  • B. Elephant
  • C. Peace
  • D. Aqabah
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After the Prophet (S.A.W) had migrated to al-madīnah, the first two major wars he fought against the Makkans were
  • A. Badr and Hudabiyyah
  • B. Uhud and Khaybar
  • C. Khandaq and Mu’tah
  • D. Badr and Uhud.
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The Prophet’s uncle who lost his life in the
battle of Badr was
  • A. Hamzah
  • B. Abbās
  • C. Abū Tālib
  • D. Abū Jahl
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