Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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In Sūrat an-Nās, protection was sought
from the evils of
  • A. men and women
  • B. husband and wife
  • C. men and jinn
  • D. male and female.
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Reference to a special night is made in
  • A. ad.-Duhā
  • B. al-Tin
  • C. al-Falaq
  • D. al-Qadr.
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The verse Wa la sawfa yu’tīka rabbuka
fatardā is immediately preceded by
  • A. a lam yajidka yatīman fa ‘āwā
  • B. wa rafa nā laka dhikruka
  • C. Walal-ākhiratu khayrun laka minal ūlā
  • D. thumma latus alunna yawma idhin ‘anin-na im.
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A Makkan Sūrah with the main objective
of reassuring the prophet (S.A.W.) at a
time of distress is
  • A. at-Takāthur
  • B. ad-Duhā
  • C. al-Kāfirūn
  • D. al-mā ūn.
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The verse above (Q. 17.23)
warns against
  • A. insulting parents
  • B. underfeeding parents
  • C. beating parents
  • D. deserting parents.
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