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The savannah region of Nigeria is
characterized by
  • A. sparse vegetation
  • B. high population density
  • C. abundant resources
  • D. large bodies of water.
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A major economic activity among the Nupe was
  • A. horse breeding
  • B. leather work
  • C. canoe-building
  • D. cattle rearing.
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The main features of the economy of the forest zone of Nigeria in the eighteenth century were
  • A. pastoral farming and fishing
  • B. fishing and salt-making
  • C. cotton cultivation and weaving
  • D. cash crop production and trading.
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The spread of Islam between the 11th and 14th centuries in Nigeria was largely due to
  • A. Arab missionary activities
  • B. the waging of jihads
  • C. trade and commerce
  • D. absence of any religion in the area.
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A significant effect of the Christian missionary activity in Nigeria was the
  • A. introduction of formal education
  • B. training of nationalists
  • C. introduction of new crops
  • D. abolition of the slave trade.
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