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History Past Questions

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The political party that controlled the Federal Government during the Second Republic in Nigeria was the
  • A. Great Nigeria Peoples Party
  • B. Nigeria Peoples Party
  • C. Unity Party of Nigeria
  • D. National Party of Nigeria.
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The main aim of the formation of ECOMOG was to
  • A. foster stability in West Africa
  • B. solve boundary disputes among member states
  • C. provide security for the whole of Africa
  • D. tackle the problem of piracy in African seaways.
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A major contribution of Nigeria to
ECOWAS is in the area of
  • A. diplomacy
  • B. funding
  • C. military support
  • D. provision of education.
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Samori Toure is often described as the “African Napoleon” because he
  • A. was a great military tactician
  • B. learned a great deal from Napoleon
  • C. employed similar tactics as Napoleon
  • D. had a well trained army.
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A major similarity of the 19th century jihads in West Africa was that
  • A. they were executed at the same time
  • B. the participants were of the same origin
  • C. they had a common objective
  • D. they brought unity between the Hausa and the Fulani.
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