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History Past Questions

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The greatest contribution of the Christian Missionary Society in West Africa was in
  • A. establishing trading companies
  • B. stopping the slave trade
  • C. the emergence of educated elite
  • D. the production of cash crop.
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Egypt became the centre of international rivalry because of the
  • A. huge investment in the Suez-canal
  • B. rich soil for cotton and sugar cultivation
  • C. great cities of Cairo and Alexandria
  • D. strategic importance of the country.
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Muhammad es Sadek was a 19th century ruler of
  • A. Morocco
  • B. Libya
  • C. Tunisia
  • D. Algeria.
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Muhammad Ahmad was easily accepted as the Mahdi in the Sudan because
  • A. the Islamic leaders in the area did not live up to the expectations of the people
  • B. he came at a time the people were expecting to be delivered from the Egyptian rulers
  • C. the national army was not strong enough to defend the country
  • D. he was highly educated in the tenants of the Islamic religion.
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After leaving Oman for East Africa, Sayyid Said established his headquarters in
  • A. Zanzibar
  • B. Pemba
  • C. Mombasa
  • D. Kilwa.
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