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Post UTME Past Questions Agent

We're happy to welcome you as one of our Post-UTME Past Questions Agents. Becoming a Post-UTME Past Questions Agent will not only reward you financially, but it will indeed draw you closer to The Myschool Team. We will become partners!

We are basically opening up our Post-UTME Past Questions Business, to enable us to become more efficient in offering value to students. We're, therefore, willing to share our revenue in this business with other students, individuals, business owners and institutions, who are also passionate about helping students succeed. If your material is more updated than what we currently have for any school, we are happy to work with you and give you the earnings from all the school candidates going forward.

If you have already compiled this type of material, and are selling it somewhere else, you're welcome to also sell it on Myschool for a broader reach. You can always contact us for any clarifications, or to inquire if we already have the material before uploading yours. You can also let us know if you need some time to get or update your material. 

How the Programme Flows

  1. The agent (you) will get up-to-date Post-UTME Past Questions for some or all faculties in any school.
  2. The agent (you) will be required to upload a soft copy (in Word or PDF) of the material on Myschool Website.
  3. The past questions will be reviewed by a Myschool Staff, and approved if all checks are passed.
  4. Myschool will market the material. Once a sale is made and material is delivered, your Myschool Earnings will be credited instantly.
  5. The agent (you) can then sit back, and watch his/her revenue grow by the day.

Acceptable Format for Post-UTME Past Questions

We require only serious-minded people, who are ready to offer value to buyers. You will need to ensure your material is authentic because we are doing this for candidates to ultimately have an insight into what to expect in their coming exam. They need to be aware of key information such as how many questions they should expect, the composition of the questions (whether it's their core subjects or just general knowledge), the time given for each paper, etc. Once your material is well composed, we will approve it.

Please don't just download any material from the internet and send it to us. It will be immediately disapproved.

  1. The uploaded Post-UTME Past Questions MUST be arranged YEAR by YEAR. If it is not arranged YEAR by YEAR, we won't accept it.
  2. The material must be complete for each year the Post-UTME was conducted in that school.
  3. Material can either be clearly scanned, typed or retyped.
  4. Material with watermarks will not be allowed, or else you can prove that you compiled it.
  5. The material must be compiled for each faculty in the school. In cases where all faculties write the same questions, the material can be uploaded once but stated in the title or introduction.
  6. The material can contain the time taken for each paper, or any other examination instructions. You can also talk about this while entering the introduction of the material.
  7. Myschool reserves the right to reject, or immediately stop selling,  any past questions material that does not meet the above-stated format or conditions.

Sharing Formula

We will sell each material at the cost of N1,000 flat (Per Faculty).

  • 40% (N400) of each sale, goes to you.
  • 30% (N300) goes to Myschool,
  • 10% goes to 1 year of SMS alerts for the user,
  • 20% goes to Marketing.

This means if we sell 1000 copies for you, you will earn N400,000. Now think about the number of candidates writing post-UTME in that school.

How to upload your material

Before you upload a Post-UTME Past Question Material, please check to see that we don't already have it. If your material is more updated than what we currently have for any school, we are happy to work with you and give you the earnings from all the school candidates going forward. You can check by looking at the list of schools we already have on the sales page by clicking here. If a school is already listed and your material is more updated than what we currently have you can apply to become a past questions agent for the school, if your material is not up-to-date, no need to upload material for that particular school. You can then look into other schools that are not listed or updated on the sales page.

  1. Fill out the form to "Post a Research Work" from the Member Dashboard Menu by clicking here
  2. For Title, fill it in the format; [School] Post-UTME Past Questions for faculty of [Faculty]. Example UNIBEN Post-UTME Past Questions for Faculty of Engineering
  3. Enter the key features (selling points) of the material, suggest pricing (N1000), and then attach the material you have compiled.
  4. For Category, select "Post UTME Past Questions".
  5. For course/department, select any department you know in your titled faculty. In the case of our UNIBEN example above, you can select Chemical Engineering.
  6. Fill any abstract, table of content or brief introduction that your material may contain. You can use this opportunity to talk about how the institution conducts Post-UTME.
  7. Then submit for review.
  8. The above procedure also applies if you would like to upload and sell soft copies of project materials you may have.
  9. You can check out the format of an already existing UNIBEN material by clicking here.

Monitoring Sales

There are 2 sections on the Dashboard Menu where you will be able to monitor sales;

  1. From the "Sales Information" Page, Under the Research Works Menu; You can access that from Dashboard Menu by clicking here
  2. You can also monitor sales from the Transaction Log by clicking here

Getting your money into your bank account

  1. Once you reach a threshold of N5000, and above, you can request for a payout.
  2. If you've not entered your bank details, you will be able to do so before a payout is submitted.
  3. Payments are made within 48hrs of your request.


Tips to scale our approval process

The major tip is to meet the acceptable format or conditions for the Post-UTME past questions stated earlier in this publication. Especially the issue of arranging the questions YEAR by YEAR. We do this to ensure candidates are totally satisfied, and that they get true value for the money they spent.

The other major tip is that approval will be on a first come, first served basis. The first person to meet all our criteria wins the bid. This means that even if you're the first to post a material, once it does not meet any of our conditions above, we won't publish it for sale.

We would rather not sell at all than sell inappropriate materials. Remember also that we reserve the right to stop selling your material at anytime if we discover any foul play.

The earlier you compile and upload your material, the earlier we start marketing and selling for you.

Any Issues?

If you have any suggestions, observations or concerns about this programme, you can call our dedicated helpline for you, between 9am - 5pm from Monday to Friday (Excluding Holidays). You can call 09062547747  or send an email to info@myschool.ng

JAMB CBT 2024 - Candidates, Schools, Centres, Resellers - Get Ready!
JAMB 2024 Whatsapp Group - Join us here
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