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JAMB CBT Mobile App 2024 - Free Download

2024 JAMB CBT Practice Software

You can now download, for free, the New 2024 UTME Ready version of the Myschool JAMB CBT Software for computer systems and laptops, which contains over 60,000 CBT questions, answers and explanations offline, with video lessons, including possible questions that can be asked from the new JAMB Novel, "The Life Changer" by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. You'll also get the latest JAMB Brochure and JAMB Syllabus for 2023 admissions.

JAMB CBT Questions, from 1978 to 2023, are now available from JAMB and are already included in this CBT software. It is best you start studying questions right now, so you can comfortably cover all questions before your exam. You can now download the JAMB CBT software and use it to get the exact feeling you would experience in your coming 2024 UTME exam.

The JAMB 2023 UTME questions, answers, explanations and video lessons are now available in the app.

No more renewal, weekly or monthly payments. Once activated, it remains activated for the lifetime of that device. Apart from access to all JAMB, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB past questions (from 1978 to 2023), we will also give you 1 year of free SMS alerts for the school set in your profile. This is simply the best practice CBT software you can ever have on your computer system.

If you were looking for the Mobile App Version that works on Android Phones, then visit the page; Latest JAMB CBT Practice Mobile App - Free Download

This easy-to-use CBT software is a must-have for any candidate intending to write the 2024 JAMB CBT UTME, WAEC, NECO or NABTEB, as it provides you with all the tools necessary to comfortably pass your exams.

If you are determined to score up to 300 and above, you simply have to download this software today and start your preparations immediately. The exam practice section works totally offline, so you do not require the internet to be the best. We will also keep you updated about JAMB, your School of Choice and other important information you need to know. It's all free!

Schools and institutions, CBT Centres, Business Cafes and Smart Individuals can get their customized software and see how to make money by training their students, marketing, selling and offering support by requesting a bulk purchase at a discount, or becoming an Agent or Reseller for this product, click here to read more.

Here's what's new in this 2024 Version of the Software;

• 2024 UTME Ready.
• 2023 CBT Questions included. Simply update questions.
• Easily get the latest news updates from all schools for free.
• The latest JAMB Brochure and JAMB Syllabus for 2024 admissions
• Official JAMB Novel summary included.
• Activate Once, Use it for the Life of your computer or laptop - Very Cheap!
• Access, offline, over 60,000 past questions and their solutions for JAMB, Post-UTME, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB exams, in an organized manner.
• Access free past questions video lessons
• Access all past questions and their solutions without any Internet Connection, even in remote and rural areas.
• Study Past Question Year by Year from 1978 to 2023
• Bookmark questions to study later
• Exam history and performance analysis are now available
• Review all your past exam history and performance
• Topic video lessons for an in-depth understanding of a subject.
• Easily comment directly on news posts
• WAEC, WASSCE Theory & Objectives now included
• Search and find past answers in any exam
• Contains Official JAMB Calculator
• Free Video Lessons included
• Practice CBT questions using official JAMB keys; N (next), P (Previous), A (Option A), B (Option B), C (Option C), D (Option D), R (Reverse Option), S (Submit)
• Carry all past question & answer booklets for all subjects in your computer system.
• Adequately prepares you for Post-UTME, whether Paper or CBT.
• Practice Exact Post-UTME CBT Environment using custom settings.
• Ask an Academic or School Question, and have a teacher, user, admin or institution answer you within minutes.
• Easily send messages to, or receive messages from Myschool Friends
• Enables you to search for a particular question keyword in any subject and get the answer and explanations. Like a "google" for past questions.
• Gives you an idea of what the JAMB CBT environment feels like.
• Comes with flexible and reliable 1 year of SMS alerts for your chosen school as stated in your profile.
• Prepares you for JAMB CBT and also Post-UTME exams in your school of choice.
• View the Latest JAMB Brochure to check course requirements for free
• View the Latest JAMB Syllabus for reading requirements for free
• Avoid expensive admission sorting by encouraging learning.

With this Myschool JAMB CBT Software and constant practice, you are sure to score 300+ in your JAMB CBT Exams.

Download Link

Start downloading right now by clicking here, while you continue reading about how this software would help you scale your 2024 UTME.

.NET (DotNET) Framework Requirement

If after installing the software using the above download link, and it says you require .NET (dotNET) Framework to proceed in using the software, then download, install and update your system for free, with the latest DOTNET Framework by clicking here


Notable Features

The software has also been packed with the latest JAMB Brochure and JAMB Syllabus for 2024 so you will be sure that all your reading requirements and admission preparations are intact.

The most interesting fact about this Latest JAMB CBT Software is that it does not expire. It will last for the lifetime of your computer system. You can always update the software with new questions, answers & explanations, so you don't need to always re-download to get updates. Myschool will also provide you with reliable News and Events, right from the software interface. Isn't that awesome?

The best way to experience what we mean is to download the JAMB CBT software for 2024 UTME right now by clicking here

Getting Your Activation Code

After downloading, you can easily get your activation code from within the software. If you would like to get an activation code right now so you can get started now. Click here to order a code

Agents, Resellers & Bulk Purchase

Good News! We have now reduced the price for Agents, Resellers & Bulk Purchase, so that even students can become agents. If you are already an agent, this is your time to make even more money as this offer may be limited.

What's More? You can now fully customize our Logo, App Name, About Us and Contact Information to your own. Again, you can fully disable or enable any feature in the software to suit your taste or study environment. Customization, however, is only available in the Silver and Gold Packages. Simply select a customization name while placing an order for a silver or gold package, then later enter your Dashboard's App Manager to upload your information and/or disable or enable any feature you want.

For cyber cafe operators, business centres and family/public computers, the software now allows multiple users on one particular system. If you are interested in bulk purchases, please click here to read more

Download Link

Download this awesome software right now by clicking here.

JAMB CBT Mobile App 2024 - Free Download
JAMB CBT 2024 - Candidates, Schools, Centres, Resellers - Get Ready!
WAEC May/June 2024 - Practice for Objective & Theory - From 1988 till date, download app now - 99995
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JAMB 2024 Whatsapp Group - Join us here
JAMB CBT 2024 - Candidates, Schools, Centres, Resellers - Get Ready!
JAMB CBT Mobile App 2024 - Free Download