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History Past Questions

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In colonial Nigeria, mining industry was promoted in order to
  • A. diversify the economy
  • B. engage the railway system
  • C. make Nigeria self-reliant
  • D. maximize exploitation.
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The colonial government in Nigeria laid more emphasis on the production of export crops because
  • A. the people already had abundant food in stock
  • B. such crops were desperately needed abroad
  • C. such crops were more beneficial to the people
  • D. the soil was more suitable for the production of such crops.
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The Yaba Higher College did not meet the aspirations of the nationalists because
  • A. all its staff were Europeans
  • B. it was meant to train assistants to Europeans
  • C. only Europeans were qualified for admission
  • D. it was affiliated to a polytechnic in Europe.
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The 1922 Clifford Constitution restricted the franchise to
  • A. Calabar and Benin
  • B. Lagos and Calabar
  • C. Lagos and Warri
  • D. Warri and Lokoja
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The political parties that formed the opposition during the First Republic in Nigeria were the

  • A. NCNC and AG
  • B. AG and UMBC
  • C. NCNC and NEPU
  • D. UMBC and NEPU.
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