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History Past Questions

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The Colony and Protectorate of Lagos was amalgameted with the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria in 1906 to form the
  • A. Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria
  • B. Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
  • C. Protectorate of Southern Nigeria
  • D. Oil Rivers Protectorate.
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A reason for the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria in 1914 was
  • A. economic expediency
  • B. territorial integration
  • C. political balancing
  • D. religious harmony.
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The Nigerian Council established in 1914 was ineffective because it
  • A. was not designed to be so
  • B. lacked sufficient funds
  • C. had too many vocal members
  • D. was dominated by hand-picked members.
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Two institutions of local government in Nigeria during the colonial period were native courts and
  • A. legislative council
  • B. regional treasury
  • C. native treasury
  • D. native police.
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Certain chiefs in Eastern Nigeria were called warrant chiefs because they
  • A. had some royal connections
  • B. were created by the British
  • C. had warrants to arrest offenders
  • D. were the first to receive Western education.
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