Civic Education Past Questions

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Members of a society are expected to adhere to societal values for the following reasons except?

  • A. enhancement of development
  • B. Improvement of self dignity
  • C. reduction of social vices
  • D. relegation of morality
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An attribute of honesty is

  • A. tolerance
  • B. justice
  • C. compromise
  • D. liberty
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Discipline is describe as the

  • A. ability to show hospitality
  • B. state or quality of being brave
  • C. tendency to fight
  • D. ability to behave in a controlled manner
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The saying ''ask for what you can do for your own country and not what your country can do for you'' denotes that

  • A. The country owes you no obligation as a citizen
  • B. citizens have both constitutional rights and obligation
  • C. fundamental rights are to be safeguarded by the citizens
  • D. service and reward does not go together
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In the contemporary society, youths can display nationalistic role by showing the following attitudes except

  • A. discouraging corrupt practices
  • B. exploiting the environment for the betterment of the people
  • C. contributing to the development of the society
  • D. showing indifference to national issues
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