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Which of the following is not a major reason for political apathy

  • A. political violence
  • B. unfulfilled political promises
  • C. bad governance
  • D. cross carpeting phenomenon
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The chapter IV of the 1999 constitution is about?

  • A. composition of the national assembly
  • B. fundamental human rights
  • C. procedures for the impeachment of the president
  • D. information of quorum in the senate
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Which of the following may prevent a citizen from voting in a general election.

  • A. lack of stable income
  • B. high cost of living
  • C. non registration
  • D. political neutrality
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An organized group that is independent of the state could be described as?

  • A. civil defence
  • B. pressure group
  • C. community group
  • D. civil society
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The smooth operation of the public service in Nigeria is being hampered by 

  • A. debt burden
  • B. adequate training
  • C. privatization
  • D. bribery and corruption
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