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Civic Education Past Questions

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An enlightenment and awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS could?

  • A. lead to descrimination
  • B. create job opportunities
  • C. cause conflict
  • D. provide people with genuine information
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Which of the following is not a  form of stigmatization 

  • A. refusal to interact with family of an HIV patient
  • B. physical and verbal abuse of an HIV patient
  • C. ostracizing HIV patients
  • D. enlightening people living with HIV/AIDS
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Testing of blood before tranfusion will really help to?

  • A. spread HIV
  • B. control HIV
  • C. eradicate HIV
  • D. prevent HIV
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The crime rate in Aikara community which was notoriousy high before has drastically reduced in recent times. This has been attributed to the funds released by the government for youth empowerment in the community two years ago. 


From the above report, which of the following is the major consequence of the intervention programme

  • A. increase in self reliance skills
  • B. promotion of inter-communal relationship
  • C. provision of infrastructural facilities
  • D. acceleration of national development
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One of the functions of local govrernment is?

  • A. settlement of intra party crisis
  • B. making of bye laws
  • C. formulation of monetary policies
  • D. delimitation of constituencies
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