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Civic Education Past Questions

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A common repercussion for drug abuse is?

  • A. medication
  • B. rehabilitation
  • C. brain drain
  • D. memory loss
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Which of the following is a way of preventing drug traficking?

  • A. foreign scholarship
  • B. employment
  • C. motivation
  • D. indulging offenders
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A major consequence of human trafficking is?

  • A. promotion of rural-urban drift
  • B. decline in literacy rate
  • C. increase rate of youth employment
  • D. increased exploitation of the ignorant
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Human trafficking results into all of the following except?

  • A. prostitution
  • B. migration
  • C. criminality
  • D. welfarism
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The group of individuals in the society that are most prone to human trafficking are?

  • A. women and children
  • B. youths women and men
  • C. men and vulnerable children
  • D. old and weak individuals
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