Civic Education Past Questions

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The crime rate in Aikara community which was notoriousy high before has drastically reduced in recent times. This has been attributed to the funds released by the government for youth empowerment in the community two years ago. 


From the above report, a probable reason for the initial high crime rate in Aikara community was?

  • A. poor upbringing
  • B. corruption
  • C. abject poverty
  • D. greed
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A body established and entrusted with power and authority to direct the affairs of the state is called?

  • A. federal executive council
  • B. state legislative council
  • C. trusteeship
  • D. government
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Which of the following concepts can guarantee adherence to the rule of law

  • A. political immunity
  • B. political gerrymandering
  • C. national development
  • D. representative democracy
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According to the 1999 constitution, sovereignty resides in the?

  • A. command in charge of the armed forces
  • B. people who confer legitimacy on elected leaders
  • C. national assembly which has power to make laws and amend the constitution
  • D. military which can declare any law, null and of no effect
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In a democratic government, franchise is given to all

  • A. party members
  • B. resident adults
  • C. adult citizens
  • D. opinion leaders
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