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A father that effectively discharge his duty towards children could be described as?

  • A. philanthropist
  • B. celebrity
  • C. responsible parent
  • D. permissive father
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A program established to foster common ties among Nigerians is

  • A. Subsidy Re-investment Program (SURE-P)
  • B. Universal Basic Education (UBE)
  • C. Education Trust Fund (ETF)
  • D. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)
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Use the dialogue below to answer the following question.

Ade: Uche, are you not going to work today?

Uche: i will go, but by public transport.

Ade: why?

Uche: One of the side mirrors of my car is broken and also, the car emits excessive smoke.


Uche's action based on the dialogue, can help in?

  • A. reducing road accident
  • B. increasing air pollution
  • C. encourage public transportation
  • D. ensuring vehicle's functionality
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An implication of Uche's action from the dialogue is that he is?

  • A. afraid of federal road safety corps
  • B. considerate of other road users
  • C. afraid of civil defence corps
  • D. environmentally friendly
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From the dialogue, it could be implied that uche is mindful of?

  • A. driving school code
  • B. when to use public transport
  • C. traffic regulations
  • D. his obligations as a citizen
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