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Insurance Past Questions

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A document issued by an insurer giving temporary protection to the insure is?

  • A. endorsement
  • B. certificate
  • C. proposal form
  • D. cover note
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The financial interest of the insured in an insurance policy is the

  • A. subject matter of insurance
  • B. subject matter of the contract
  • C. assignment of the contract
  • D. deed of the contract
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full return of premium paid for a contract of insurance is applicable in a situation involving?

  • A. double insurance
  • B. reduction of cover
  • C. absence of agreement
  • D. financial distress
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one of the steps taken by an insurer in claim settlement is to?

  • A. investigate the loss
  • B. assess the risk
  • C. present a claim
  • D. appoint loss assessor
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A risk considered as sub standard in future can be dealt with by insurers through

(i) premium loading (ii) double insurance (iii) excess imposition

  • A. I and II
  • B. I and III
  • C. II and III
  • D. I,II and III
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