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Fine Arts Past Questions

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The glory of the Gothic Cathedrals is their

  • A. use of colour marbels
  • B. simple architectural rendering
  • C. use of magnificent stained glass
  • D. complex architectural rendering
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Dyes are colourants most suitable for

  • A. printing on fabrics
  • B. painting on walls
  • C. drawing on canvas
  • D. printing on papers
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In traditional Nigerian art, there is a cultural and artistic connection between

  • A. Nok and Ife
  • B. Benin and Igala
  • C. Nok Benin
  • D. Ife and Benin
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The first tertiary institution in Nigeria to have an art curriculum was

  • A. Yaba College of Technology, Lagos
  • B. Institute of Management Technology, Enugu
  • C. University of Nigerua, Nsukka
  • D. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
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In lettering one of the principles is that round characters are placed

  • A. apart
  • B. closely
  • C. at an angle
  • D. overhead
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