Literature in English Past Questions

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy because

  • A. it is full of noblemen and ladies
  • B. it is set in Verona
  • C. it ends unhappily
  • D. Juliet is only fourteen years old
  • E. it has five acts
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Essentially,plays are meant
  • A. to be read for sheer pleasure
  • B. to make us laugh
  • C. to be presented on stage through words and actions
  • D. to keep people out of trouble
  • E. to change the whole world
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In 'Fulani Cattle' J.P Clark expresses
  • A. the anger and sympathy he feels at seeing cattle driven all the way from the North to the South of Nigeria to be slaughtered
  • B. admiration for the beauty of Fulani cattle
  • C. grief at the gradual destruction of this fine breed of cattle
  • D. the joy of the cattle at being driven over pleasant fields
  • E. the idea that more cattle should be taken to the South to be slaughtered
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Dinny,Lippy,Steepy and Fatty are characters in
  • A. Kossoh Town Boy
  • B. Kontiki Expedition
  • C. Tell Freedom
  • D. The Concubine
  • E. No Longer at Ease
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In on of the three jugs
The three jugs where on certain evenings return the tranquil souls,
the breaths of the ancestors,
the ancestors who were men,
the ancestors who were sages,
Mother has dipped three fingers
three fingers of her left hand:
thumb,forefinger and middle finger
i have dipped three fingers
three fingers of my right hand:
thumb,forefinger and middle finger.
(From "Viaticum"by B.Diop)
In this poem,the repetitive pattern suggests
  • A. pain,agony, and misery
  • B. ritual or established form of worship
  • C. the love of a mother for her child
  • D. the beauty of the full moon
  • E. the glorious lives of our ancestors
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