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Literature in English Past Questions

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Dialogue is important in drama because
  • A. it always makes the audience laugh
  • B. it is like a conversation
  • C. it reveals the minds of the characters
  • D. it makes the play last longer on the stage
  • E. it makes the characters honest
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A good poem must
  • A. be about love
  • B. have a regular rythm
  • C. rhyme
  • D. be difficult to understand
  • E. none of the above
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One of the following is a narrative technique in the novel
  • A. character
  • B. interesting story
  • C. flashback
  • D. logical conclusion
  • E. social relevance
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One of the statements is true of the novel:
  • A. it is an exact reproduction of historical events
  • B. characters are unimportant in it
  • C. it is always the story of the Author's life
  • D. it deals with human experience
  • E. it does not make use of imagery
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As a character,Ozidi,in J.P Clark's play of that name,is ruined by
  • A. too great interest in women
  • B. too much love of peace
  • C. excessive belief in his own powers
  • D. too great dependence on his grand-mother
  • E. the wickedness of his enemies
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