Literature in English Past Questions

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The language of David Diop's 'Africa' suggests
  • A. the beauty of the African country side
  • B. that black is beautiful
  • C. that the poet is sad because Africa has been exploited and laid waste for too long
  • D. that the poet remembers the great empire of Africa
  • E. that the poet sees Africa as a colonial power
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In 'I Will Pronounce Your Name'Senghor writes:'Naett that is the dry tornado,the clap of lightening'.
The figure of speech used in the above line is
  • A. metaphor
  • B. simile
  • C. hyperbole
  • D. irony
  • E. synedoche
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In 'The Duel' Thomas ends his narrative
  • A. with a wish to see more duels fought
  • B. in celebration of female fidelity
  • C. in hopeless despair and anger
  • D. with an unexpected turn of events
  • E. in praise of matrimonial bliss
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In T.S Elliot's 'Journey of the Magi' the old choirmaster could not be buried in the manner he wished because he unfortunately died
  • A. in summer
  • B. in spring
  • C. at night
  • D. in winter
  • E. in the chapel
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In 'The Castle' Muir writes:Our only enemy was gold'! This is true because
  • A. the castle was made of gold
  • B. all the men swallowed gold
  • C. there was no gold to pay for arms
  • D. the captain stole all available gold
  • E. gold was the cause of their betrayal
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