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Literature in English Past Questions

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Point out the odd item:
  • A. Raisin in the sun
  • B. Twelfth Night
  • C. Ozidi
  • D. The Concubine
  • E. Romeo and Juliet
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An image in poetry usually gives a clue to one of the following:
  • A. rhyme
  • B. assonance
  • C. paradox
  • D. theme
  • E. refrain
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'That year the harvest was sad,like a funeral,and many farmers wept as they dug up the miserable yams.One man tied his cloth to a tree branch and hanged himself'. The mood conveyed here is one of
  • A. excitement
  • B. sadness
  • C. joy
  • D. triumph
  • E. elation
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One of the following terms applies to the discussion of both tragedy and comedy:
  • A. climax
  • B. happy ending
  • C. tragic hero
  • D. alliteration
  • E. stanza
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One of the peculiar features of drama in general is
  • A. humour
  • B. satire
  • C. sarcasm
  • D. action
  • E. exposition
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