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Literature in English Past Questions

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In 'The Flight to Australia' the following line occurs:'Tier upon tier it towered,the terrible Apennines' The figure of speech used in this line is known as
  • A. alliteration
  • B. litotes
  • C. exaggeration
  • D. parody
  • E. metonym
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If we describe Kossoh Town Boy as an autobiography,we mean that it is
  • A. a historical novel
  • B. a piece of writing telling us about the life of its author
  • C. a short story
  • D. a narrative tale
  • E. a book well written
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You cannot know
And should not bother;
Tide and market come and go
And so shall your mother.
In this verse the poet uses
  • A. alternate rhymes
  • B. monorhyme
  • C. couplets
  • D. triplets
  • E. blank verses
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The Comstocks belonged to the most dismal of all classes,the middle-middle class,the landless gentry.In their miserable poverty they had not even the snobbish consolation of regarding themselves as an 'old' family fallen on evil days.....This writer's tone is
  • A. melancholic
  • B. matter-of-fact
  • C. bitterly humorous
  • D. sympathetic
  • E. sad
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Another shoal of cars swam past.One in particular caught his eye,a long slender thing,elegant as a swallow,all gleaming blue and silver,a thousand guineas it would have cost,he tought.
In the first sentence,cars are described in terms of
  • A. birds
  • B. ants
  • C. fish
  • D. lamp-posts
  • E. pretty girls
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