Literature in English Past Questions

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In Twelfth Night
'If music be the food of love,play on
Give me excess of it,that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken and die'
was spoken by
  • A. Curio
  • B. Valentine
  • C. Orsino
  • D. Antonio
  • E. Sir Andrew
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Ihuoma cannot be a successful wife in The Concubine because
  • A. she is troublesome and cruel
  • B. the sea god,her spirit husband has put a curse on her
  • C. nobody wishes to marry her in the village
  • D. she is too old to bear children
  • E. she is a widow
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The old and new values in No Longer At Ease are represented by
  • A. The European Club and Joseph
  • B. Obi and Clara
  • C. The Umuofia Progressive Union and Obi
  • D. Mr Green and Miss Williamson
  • E. none of the above
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Achebe's language and style in No Longer At Ease is remarkable
  • A. for its short and simple sentences
  • B. for its day-to-day expressions
  • C. for its reflection of the speech of the ordinary man
  • D. for using the speech style of most African communities
  • E. for reflecting the speech patterns of the different segments of the Nigerian society
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In Wole Soyinka's poem,'I Think It Rains' rain symbolizes
  • A. the rise of sudden cloud from ashes
  • B. loosening of parched tongues from the mouth
  • C. inconveniences
  • D. relief,and a feeling of goodness
  • E. none of these
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