Literature in English Past Questions

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'And Your laughter like a flame piercing the shadows Has revealed Africa to me beyond the snows of yesterday'.'Shadows' in the above quotation means
  • A. hazy figures which appear before the poet
  • B. experiences which have hidden Africa from the poet's view
  • C. a period of suffering in the poet's life
  • D. unclear ideas which the poet has
  • E. the ghosts of the dead
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The casualties referred to in 'Casualties' are
  • A. people killed during the civil war
  • B. those who were wounded and had to endure a lot of pain
  • C. those who lost their properties and relations
  • D. victims of the Nigerian Civil War,both the living and the dead
  • E. none of these
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All this was a long time ago,i remember
And i would do it again,but set down
This set down
This:were we led all that way for
Birth and Death?There was a Birth,certainly,
We had evidence and no doubt.I had seen birth and death,
But had thought they were different;this birth was
Hard and bitter agony for us,like Death,our death
We returned to our places,these kingdoms,
But no longer at ease here,in the old dispensation,
With an alien people clutching their gods.
I should be glad of another death.
(From T.S Elliott's 'Journey Of The Magi')
The Magi are no longer at ease because
  • A. they suffered alot on their way to Bethlehem
  • B. they found greater spiritual satisfaction from their journey
  • C. death and birth are one and the same thing
  • D. their kingdoms can no longer offer them satisfaction
  • E. the world has changed for the worse
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Mr Johnson,by Joyce Cary,is an interesting novel for the reason that
  • A. Mr Johnson the cheif character,is a typical African
  • B. Mr Rudbeck is a British colonial officer
  • C. it is a great love story between Mr Johnson and his wife,Bamu
  • D. Mr Johnson is an active character full of drama,song and poetry
  • E. all the characters are nice and considerate
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Wole Soyinka's 'Telephone Conversation' is
  • A. an attack on the British telephone system
  • B. a complaint about the difficulty of getting telephones installed in private houses
  • C. about the colour of Soyinka's passport
  • D. a humorous but satirical comment on colour prejudice in Britain
  • E. about the game of hide and seek
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