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In 'Fulani Cattle' J.P Clark expresses

In 'Fulani Cattle' J.P Clark expresses
  • A. the anger and sympathy he feels at seeing cattle driven all the way from the North to the South of Nigeria to be slaughtered
  • B. admiration for the beauty of Fulani cattle
  • C. grief at the gradual destruction of this fine breed of cattle
  • D. the joy of the cattle at being driven over pleasant fields
  • E. the idea that more cattle should be taken to the South to be slaughtered
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (24)

5 years ago
i lov dis, its educative
8 months ago
dnt knw abt the book
4 years ago
I don't know about the book.please educate me
3 years ago
I no de book very wel an I read with dextrity an understanding
3 years ago
thumb up
2 years ago
the answer is c but when u read the poem correctly it could somewhat be A cause it says more with more words but C says more with Little words, thats why i pick C
3 years ago
Pls someone should educated me about the book cus i have not read it
1 year ago
sum1 should pls tell me about the book
Anthony alade
6 years ago
Dats wright
1 year ago
Please someone educate me on the book
akor david ameh
3 years ago
I don't no about the book, can someone explain to me .
1 year ago
havent read it before so i need to be enlightened
3 years ago
i ve not read this book
2 years ago
i dont know about the book

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