Essentially,plays are meant

Essentially,plays are meant
  • A. to be read for sheer pleasure
  • B. to make us laugh
  • C. to be presented on stage through words and actions
  • D. to keep people out of trouble
  • E. to change the whole world
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (67)

1 year ago
The correct answer is C.
It is said,that a play isn't a play yet until it is performed on stage;through action and words.
A play that is written,without being performed can as well be termed a prose,novel.
Johnson Barth
3 years ago
yea De correct one is C
2 years ago
Pls hw can I get the mock question??
11 months ago
Play Are Performed On Stage For People Before It Is Written Meanwhile D Is The Correct Answer
  • minkail olaitan: play is compose of word and action.
    without the remain nothing. because this are what gave birth to d which is your answer.
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2 years ago
to present it on stage can help the people know the particularly Wat you were talking about
5 years ago
D is out of point
correct answer
3 years ago
c is d answer
11 months ago
c is d correct answer cos plays are meant to be presented on stage
Grace Akuna
2 years ago
yea c is de right answer
Juliet udom
6 years ago
C is d answer bcus a play is a drama which is usually acted on stage.
the answer is definitely C
5 years ago
I dey feel u jooorr
4 years ago
D ansa is D its meant to be acted on stage
6 years ago
Correct. Drama is meant 2 be acted on stage

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