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Civic Education Past Questions

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A significant companion of the rule of law is the

  • A. fusion of legislative and executive functions
  • B. supremacy of the ordinary law
  • C. adoption of one party system
  • D. enforcement of law by the legislature
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Operation of the rule of law could be undermined by?

  • A. existence of civil society groups
  • B. existence of free press
  • C. establishment of administrative tribunal
  • D. encouragement of effective opposition
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use the dialogue below to answer the question . 

Ini: The recent constitutional conference organized by the federal government gulped alot of money

Emen: That type of conference can only happen where there is a democratic government which permits respect for all shades of opinion

Ini: so the federal government cannot solely take decisions and ractify them?

Emen: No, that will negate the fundamental principles of democracy


The above dialogue shows that democracy could result into? 

  • A. inefficiency
  • B. corruption
  • C. absolute liberty
  • D. high cost of governance
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It could be inferred from the dialogue that democracy encourages

  • A. tolerance
  • B. development
  • C. job creation
  • D. delegated legislature
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The most suitable type of democracy for a small village or community is 

  • A. constitutional democracy
  • B. indirect democracy
  • C. communal democracy
  • D. direct democracy
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