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Civic Education Past Questions

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The public service can perform all these function except

  • A. advice government on policy formulation
  • B. keeping of government records
  • C. provision of social services
  • D. budget approval for implementation
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The highest class in the public service is the?

  • A. clerical
  • B. manipulative
  • C. technical
  • D. administrative
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The cartoon in figure 1 is an evidence that cultism is

  • A. violent in nature
  • B. terrorist in nature
  • C. martial in nature
  • D. militant in nature
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What does the boy in figure 1 need the bullet proof vest for?

  • A. demonstration
  • B. protection
  • C. battle
  • D. vengeance
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It could be inferred from the cartoon in figure 1 that the activities of cult groups on campus may not be reduced by

  • A. religious instruction
  • B. campaign against cultism
  • C. relevant legislation
  • D. bullet proof vest
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