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The creation of Mid-Western region in 1963 was through
  • A. balloting
  • B. referendum
  • C. declaration
  • D. voting.
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The immediate cause of the January 1966 coup d’etat was
  • A. the breakdown of law and order in the West
  • B. the desire of the military to seize power
  • C. the failure of the 1963 census
  • D. interferance by foreign powers
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Which of the following countries did the Murtala/Obasanjo regime assist during their struggle for independence?
  • A. Guinea Bissau and Namibia
  • B. Angola and Zimbabwe
  • C. Sierra Leone and Equitorial Guinea.
  • D. The Gambia and Tanzania
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The Second Republic in Nigeria refers to
the period
  • A. General Babangida was Head of State
  • B. between 1979 and 1983
  • C. General Obasanjo was Head of State
  • D. the period between 1960 and 1966
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Which of the following political parties
formed an alliance in the Second
  • A. UPN and NPN.
  • B. PRP and NPP.
  • C. NPN and NPP.
  • D. PRP and UPN.
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