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History Past Questions

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An outstanding reason for the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade was
  • A. industrial revolution
  • B. nationalist agitation
  • C. legitimate trade
  • D. railway construction.
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A major factor that led to the success of the Sokoto jihad was
  • A. military assistance from Borno
  • B. lack of unity among the Hausa states
  • C. the use of fire-arms by the jihadists
  • D. periodic divine interventions.
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Which of the following was a part of the Sokoto Caliphate?
  • A. Kukawa.
  • B. Yauri.
  • C. Biu.
  • D. Lokoja.
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The legendary founder of the Kanuri was
  • A. Ali Ghaji
  • B. Idris b. Ali Katagarmabe
  • C. Idris Alooma
  • D. Sayf b. dhi Yazan.
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The Queen mother, Magira, played a prominent role in the government of the
  • A. Hausa States
  • B. Kwararafa Kingdom
  • C. Kanem Borno Empire
  • D. Igala Kingdom.
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