The legendary founder of the Kanuri was

The legendary founder of the Kanuri was
  • A. Ali Ghaji
  • B. Idris b. Ali Katagarmabe
  • C. Idris Alooma
  • D. Sayf b. dhi Yazan.
Correct Answer: Option A
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Contributions (4)

Myschool Kelly
4 years ago
Correction has been made. Thanks for your contributions.
Ezekiel Y Padson
3 years ago
Sometimes, I don't when tagging on answer, the question is ,who provide all this answers? Because sometimes, some questions I will not understand the answer, but I will just guess in other not to live the question unanswered, and the funny thing is that ,the option I guess ,I will find out it has already been Mark good, then some will be saying is wrong! Doe's it's mean the person whom tick good, mean him also is guessing?
4 years ago
wrong, Ali ghaji
5 years ago

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