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History Past Questions

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The Ekiti Parapo was an alliance against
  • A. the Muslim incursion into Yorubaland
  • B. the rising power of Ibadan
  • C. Christian missionary presence in Yorubaland
  • D. the abolition of the slave trade.
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The Oyo Empire collapsed as a result of
  • A. internal and external crises
  • B. the revolt of Afonja
  • C. the weakening of the army
  • D. British presence in Yorubaland.
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The failure of the Ogiso dynasty in Benin was attributed to
  • A. weakness and dependence of the rulers
  • B. peoples’ resentment against the system
  • C. the declining economy of the state
  • D. inadequate supply of arms and ammunition.
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The greatest ruler in the history of Benin Kingdom was
  • A. Oba Ewuare
  • B. Oba Ewedo
  • C. Oba Ovonramwen
  • D. Oba Ewuakpe.
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Armed resistance to British rule in Northern Nigeria ended with the conquest of
  • A. Kano and Sokoto
  • B. Bida and Kano
  • C. Katsina and Kano
  • D. Bauchi and Katsina.
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