Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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One of the conditions of Sunni talāq is that it must be pronounced
  • A. three times consecutively
  • B. by the mother-in-law
  • C. when the wife is free from menstruation
  • D. with the free consent of the wife.
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The first tawāf which a pilgrim makes when he arrives at Makkah is called tawāf
  • A. al− ifādaℎ
  • B. al − qudūm
  • C. ar − rukn
  • D. al − widā
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If instead of four raka′āt a devotee observes five raka'āt in salat az-Zuhr he should perform
  • A. Ba'diyyaℎ
  • B. Qabliyyaℎ
  • C. Ibādiyyaℎ
  • D. Sanūsiyyaℎ
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Having met all the conditions for the payment of Zakāh,Mallam Ibrāhim has five hundred Naira. How much should he pay as Zakāh from this amount?
  • A. N50.10k
  • B. N16.50k
  • C. N15.50k
  • D. N12.50k
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A worshiper who remembers that he missed an obligatory step of ablution after he had finished praying will have to repeat
  • A. only the ablution
  • B. only the obligatory step
  • C. nothing after all D. the ablution and the
  • D. the ablution and the prayer.
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