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Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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′Lā yukallifu Hāhu naf san illā wus'ahā' This quotation is part of
  • A. Sūrat al - Alaq
  • B. Sūrat al - A 'lā
  • C. Ayāt al - kur'ay
  • D. Ayāt Amanar - Rasūl
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‘Surely, we created man of the best stature, then, we reduced him to the lowest of the low save those who believe and good works'
This quotation is from Surat
  • A. al Asr
  • B. al-Alaq
  • C. al-Tīn
  • D. al-Bayyinah
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The memorization, recording and compilation of the Qur’ān ensured its
  • A. divine nature
  • B. divine authority
  • C. authenticity
  • D. eternity
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‘Inna mā yurīdu ash-shaytānu an yūqi ‘abaynakumul adāwata wal-baghdā fil khamr wal-maysir (Q. 5:91)
The verse quoted above enumerates the evils of
  • A. wine and adultery
  • B. gambling an adultery
  • C. adultery and divining arrows
  • D. wine and gambling
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One of the strong proofs of the authenticity of the Qur’ān is that
  • A. the like of it has not been produced by an individual or a group of people
  • B. the Arabic language in which it was revealed is still spoken
  • C. it was compiled soon after its revelation
  • D. it has been translated into many languages
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