Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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The ′Iddaℎ period of a pregnant woman terminates at the
  • A. time of delivery
  • B. end of the third month of delivery
  • C. end of the mourning period
  • D. end of the third menstruation.
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Of all the special prayer salat āl−Janaℎ is unique because it lacks
  • A. takbīr
  • B. taslīm
  • C. rukū
  • D. wudū
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Apart from the cleanliness of the body and clothes, the devotee who intends to pray must also ensure the cleanliness of the
  • A. soul
  • B. place
  • C. qiblah
  • D. water
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A father or guardian can give out his daughter or ward in marriage under the principle of Ijbār provided that the
  • A. girl has attained the age of maturity
  • B. mother is properly informed
  • C. girl is a minor
  • D. groom does not have any physical disability.
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Sadāq is the exclusive property of the
  • A. husband
  • B. wife
  • C. bride’s family
  • D. husband and wife
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