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Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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The main function of Angel Azrāil is
  • A. carrying messages to the Prophets
  • B. causing rain to fall
  • C. keeping the gate of Hell
  • D. taking the lives of people
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Prophet ‘īsā spoke in the cradle and
  • A. cleared the conscience of the people
  • B. exonerated his mother
  • C. performed other miracles
  • D. silenced the people.
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The five most important prophets in Islam were
  • A. Yahyā, Zakariyyā, Dāwūd, Sulayman, Adam
  • B. Muhammad, Nūh, Ibrāhīm, Mūsā, īsā
  • C. Muhammad, Nūh, Dhul-kifl, Idrīs, Hārūn
  • D. Ibrāhīm, Mūsā,īsā, ādam, Ayyūb.
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Which of the following Prophets,according to the Qur’an, lived for not less than nine hundred and fifty years?
  • A. ādam
  • B. Nūℎ
  • C. Ibrāhīm
  • D. Mūsā
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Which of the following Prophets was an ancestor of both Arabs and Jews?
  • A. īsā
  • B. Dāwd
  • C. Ayyūb
  • D. Ibrāhīm
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