Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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The Hadīth above Teaches that a Muslim
  • A. must obey the commands of the Prophet (S.A.W)
  • B. must confine himself to the established teachings of Islam
  • C. can contribute in developing and increasing the teaching of Islam
  • D. should always command what is good.
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The expression “Man kāna yu ‘minu billāhi wal yawmil ‘ākhir fal yaqual khayran aw li yasmut” means a believer should
  • A. desire for his neighbour what he wishes for himself
  • B. never be angry
  • C. make good utterances or keep silent
  • D. honour his parents.
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‘Verily Allāh has prescribed the best behavior with regard to everything …’The above quotation from Hadīth 17 of an-Nawawi’s collection emphasizes the ethics of
  • A. Eating and drinking
  • B. slaughtering animals
  • C. behaving in public
  • D. matrimonial relations
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Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?
  • A. Muslim b. al-Hajjāj
  • B. Abdullah b. ‘Umar
  • C. ‘Abdullah b. Mas ‘ūd
  • D. ‘Umar b. al-Khattāb
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The Prophet described as rūhullāh in the Qur’ān is
  • A. Mūsā
  • B. īsa
  • C. Ibrāhīm
  • D. Ismāil
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