Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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Sūratul-Kawthar concerns the Prophet’s
  • A. birthday
  • B. marriage to Khadijah
  • C. loss of his son
  • D. triumphant entry into Makkah.
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In the verse Yā ayyuhal - ladhīna āmanū
lā taqrabus-salāta wa antum sukārā (Q.
4.43) Allāh is asking the Muslims not to
attempt to
  • A. sleep when it is prayer time
  • B. pray when they are in a drunken state
  • C. eat when they are in prayer
  • D. pray when at war
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The verse (Q. 95.8) above means ‘Is
Allah not’
  • A. a good judge?
  • B. our judge?
  • C. the best of judges?
  • D. the Head of all Judges?
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The official compilation of Hadith was
initiated by
  • A. Abū Bakr al-Siddiq
  • B. ‘Umar b. al-khattāb
  • C. ‘Umar b. Abd al-Aziz
  • D. Hārūn ar-Rashīd
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The difference between isnād and matn is
  • A. matn is the chain of reporters, while isnād is their quality
  • B. isnād is the chain of reporters, while matn is their text
  • C. isnād is more important than matn
  • D. isnād refers to the reliability of the reporters, while matn refers to their weaknesses
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