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Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Past Questions

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Iddah, the waiting period after a divorce, is
  • A. forty days
  • B. three months
  • C. five months
  • D. three years
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Performing Tayammum is justified when one
  • A. does not like to touch water
  • B. is on a journey
  • C. is sick
  • D. is in a hurry.
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Sawn is the abstinence from eating, drinking and sexual urge
  • A. from dawn to dusk without intention of worship
  • B. from morning to evening in times of distress
  • C. with or without the intention of worship
  • D. from dawn to dusk with the intention of worship
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In order to make Tawāf, you are required to keep the ka’abah to your
  • A. left and go round it in an anticlockwise direction
  • B. right and go round it in a clockwise direction
  • C. left and go round it in a clockwise direction
  • D. right and move round it in an anticlockwise direction
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The verse means that divorce may be pronounced twice and
then the woman must
  • A. go after the third time
  • B. be retained in honour or allowed to go with kindness
  • C. forfeit her wealth and go with kindness
  • D. be retained in honour unless she has no children
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