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Government Past Questions

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Some pre-colonial Nigerian societies are described as stateless because
  • A. they had no formal governmental institutions
  • B. they had no definite political boundaries
  • C. their population was too small
  • D. they were not independent.
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The method used by the British to facilitate the administration of Southern Nigeria was
  • A. persuation
  • B. dialogue
  • C. divide and rule
  • D. trade association.
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A major function of the warrant chiefs was to
  • A. prevent tribal wars
  • B. supervise native courts and markets
  • C. stop ritual killings
  • D. take charge of local administration.
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After 1945, the demand of African nationalists changed from reform to independence because
  • A. colonial rule became less oppressive
  • B. colonial rule was in disarray
  • C. the second world war boosted their morale
  • D. the second world war enhanced colonial rule.
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When Nigeria achieved independence in 1960, the head of state was the

  • A. president
  • B. prime minister
  • C. Governor-General
  • D. Queen of England.
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