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Government Past Questions

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Under the 1963 constitution,items not listed in the exclusive and concurrent list were within the exclusive competence of the
  • A. Executive
  • B. federal parliament
  • C. regional legislatures
  • D. judiciary
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Before Nigeria became a republic, the highest body charged with the administrator of justice was the
  • A. Privy council
  • B. High court
  • C. Supreme court
  • D. Court of appeal
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The equivalent of the commissioner at the local government level is the
  • A. Executive chairman
  • B. Secretary
  • C. Councilor
  • D. Supervisory councillor.
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The Independent National Electoral Commission has the power to prepare and maintain the register of
  • A. Political parties
  • B. Constituencies
  • C. Voters
  • D. Electoral candidates.
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The president of Nigeria is advised on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country by the
  • A. National Secrurity Council
  • B. National Defense Council
  • C. Council of state
  • D. Federal Executive Council
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