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Government Past Questions

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Delegated legislature becomes unavoidable when
  • A. legislators cannot reach a consensus
  • B. issues under consideration are personal
  • C. issues under consideration are technical
  • D. legislators have to proceed on a recess.
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One major disadvantage of public opinion is that
  • A. the critics of government policies are always harassed
  • B. a vocal minority claims to represent the majority
  • C. gossip and rumours thrive
  • D. leaders are unncessarily criticized.
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Citizenship in a modern state expresses the status of a person who possesses
  • A. full political rights
  • B. some religious rights
  • C. social right only
  • D. exclusive economic rights.
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Communism is a system which recognizes
  • A. class stratification
  • B. the existence of the state
  • C. the existence of the individual
  • D. the ability of the individual
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The delineation of constituencies is a major duty of the
  • A. national assembly
  • B. political parties
  • C. boundary commission
  • D. electoral commission
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