Government Past Questions

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A major feature of authoritarianism is that government is
  • A. consensual
  • B. personalized
  • C. centralized
  • D. decentralized.
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The central point of capitalism, as expounded by Karl Marx, is that

  • A. capitalist profit is the surplus value obtained from workers labour
  • B. workers are inherently incapable of being owners of their labour
  • C. capitalists shall always increase worker earning capacity through wages
  • D. capitslists shall always readily consent to workers welfare demands.
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A constitution that requires a plebiscite or a referendum to be amended is

  • A. rigid
  • B. unwritten
  • C. flexible
  • D. written
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An important function of a constitution is that it
  • A. provide a framework for the study of government
  • B. facilities cross-fertilization of ideas of governance
  • C. serves as the fountian head of authority for the execise of power
  • D. promotes citizen participation in government and administration.
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when a bill passed by the legislature is vetoed by the executive, the action underscores the principle
  • A. probity and accountability
  • B. separation of powers
  • C. collective responsibility
  • D. checks and balances.
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