Government Past Questions

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The structure of the civil service is based on
  • A. lateral organisation
  • B. merit system
  • C. patronage system
  • D. hierachical organisation
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A common feature of a multi-party system is that government is formed by
  • A. the major political party
  • B. all the registered political parties
  • C. a coalition of political parties
  • D. the party with the highest votes.
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To qualify for absorption into the administration cadre of the civil service in Nigeria, an applicant must be
  • A. knowledgable in civil services rule
  • B. a holder of a first university degree
  • C. specifically trained in public administration
  • D. a senior civil serv.ant
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The final interpretation pf the provisions of a federal constitution is vested in the
  • A. head of state
  • B. council of state
  • C. highest legislative body
  • D. highest court of the land .
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A major issue that distinguishes pressure groups from political parties is
  • A. membership drive
  • B. the objective
  • C. the voting pattern
  • D. idealogy.
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