Government Past Questions

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The Nigerian Youth Movement collapsed as the result of
  • A. its failure to win election
  • B. shortage of funds to run its affairs
  • C. the harassment of its leadership by government.
  • D. the breakup of its leadership.
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The first restructure of the Nigerian Federation took place with the
  • A. creation of mid-west Region in 1963
  • B. abolition of federalism in 1966
  • C. military counter-coup in 1966
  • D. creation of states in 1967
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The land use decree of 1978 vested the ownership of land in Nigeria in the
  • A. local chiefs
  • B. local govrnments
  • C. state governments
  • D. federal governments
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The main source of financing local government in Nigeria is
  • A. internal revenue generation
  • B. statutory revenue allocation
  • C. special state grants
  • D. grants-in-aid
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The most remarkable legacy of the 1976 Local Government Reform in Nigeria was the introduction of
  • A. the office of sole administrators
  • B. caretaker management committees
  • C. uniformity in struture and functions
  • D. the third tier of government.
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