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Government Past Questions

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Associational interest groups are organized to
  • A. further the interest of members
  • B. specifically lobby the government
  • C. support the government
  • D. achieve goals affecting other associations.
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public opinion is a view that is
  • A. held by the majority
  • B. active in the public realm
  • C. widely publicized
  • D. no longer a secret.
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The political neutrality of civil servants implies that they
  • A. are not allowed to join any organisation or group
  • B. have no dealings with politicians
  • C. are not allowed to be involved in partisan politics
  • D. are not allowed to vote.
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The idea of making the civil service permanent, neutral and anonymous is to
  • A. enhance efficiency in administration
  • B. ensure loyalty and support
  • C. prevent opposition to government
  • D. make civil servants a founctional elite.
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The western zone of the Sokoto caliphate was administered from
  • A. kebbi
  • B. Ilorin
  • C. Bida
  • D. Gwandu.
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