Government Past Questions

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In the legislative process, a bill is pass
  • A. motion accepted for debate
  • B. motion rejected after debate
  • C. proposal before the legislature
  • D. law pass by the legislature.
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One of the advantages of a bicameral over a unicameral legislature is that it
  • A. is cheap to maintain
  • B. promotes social equality
  • C. takes less time for the bills to be passed
  • D. prevents the passage of ill-considered bills.
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The fundamental rights of citizens include rights the following except?

  • A. free education, employment and freedom of thought
  • B. life, speech and association
  • C. life, liberty and property
  • D. association,property and social security.
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The manipulation of boundaries of constituencies in order to win more seats is called
  • A. devolution
  • B. rigging
  • C. gerrymandering
  • D. delimitation
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One argument against a multi-party system is the
  • A. encouragement of opposition and instability
  • B. banning of interest groups
  • C. inability to attract foreign assistance
  • D. high cost of conducting elections.
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