The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of

The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of

  • A. technocrats appointed by the units
  • B. politicians elected from the confederal constituencies
  • C. politicians nominated by the government of member states
  • D. representatives of pressure groups.
Correct Answer: Option C

The central decision-making organ of a confederation is made up of politicians nominated by governments of member states.

There is even no central because the legislature of the  confederating states remain and make laws for the units.

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Contributions (54)

Orji Emmanuel
3 years ago
Yes it's correct because we have a weaker center and a strong component units.
7 years ago
Its a
6 years ago
Pressure group is the group of pple 2influence govt power/policy 4 the interests of their members[people].it pursue narrow objectives unlike political party.u undastnd??
3 years ago
Can someone tell me the Sec. Gen. of UNO that died when serving?
7 years ago
Yes.confederation is a loose union of 2 independent states dat cums 2gether 4 greater autonomy.
7 years ago
the correct example rigth now is the european union, using the same currency.
2 years ago
Yea confederation state is comn 2geda of 2 diff country to become one and their representv re nominated which are always politicians
Doris Samson
3 years ago
C it's
Jamus Nok
4 years ago
C is d coret answer
3 years ago
P/s I Don't Understant The Meaning Of Technocrats Sumbdy Should Explain.
osere theresa
6 years ago
Toot its d cus of d representatives...
3 months ago
There is a repeat of a particular word
That is confusing the actual meaning of the explanation
4 years ago
Moses abolga
5 years ago
ans is c
4 years ago
Plz wats d final answer now,some said A' while others said C?

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